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About our Professional Dog Training & Behavioral Modification Services
Teacher's Pet, located in central New Jersey, specializes in the handling of a wide variety of dog behavior problems, and offers custom in-home obedience training courses. Founded by Canine Behaviorist and American Kennel Club CGC Evaluator, Diana S. Coles, Teacher's Pet brings over 30 years of dog training experience into your home. Diana is also Vice President and Training Director of American Sport Dog, east coast agility training club. Teacher's Pet has been featured in cover stories in the Asbury Park Press and Home News Tribune. Because of our proven track record with difficult behavior issues, we are frequently consulted and recommended by area veterinarians, breeders, rescue groups and other dog trainers.

Guaranteed Results!
The Basic Obedience and Puppy Training Courses we offer are the fastest and most effective way to train any dog. You will have your dog obeying 2-3 commands off leash after the very first beahavior training lesson. We are so confident of our method that every dog we train is given a Lifetime Guarantee. NO Prong collars, NO Choke collars, NO metal collars of any kind are ever used.

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Unparalleled Dog Obedience Training Success
Unlike many New Jersey dog training businesses, Teacher's Pet, uses Clicker Training, (Positive Reinforcement), to teach your dog or puppy new commands and behaviors. Clicker Training is the fastest, most effective way to train, and is solidly based on established scientific principles of how dog's learn. We start puppies at 7 weeks old, and they learn everything the adult dogs do. It is not unusual for our customers to gasp in amazement as they finally see the hidden intelligence their dog possesses.

KEEP YOUR DOG with our Aggression and Behavior Problem Modification Programs
Dog aggression and behavior problems can be especially exasperating for owners. These can also be a liability. Teacher's Pet has very successfully dealt with a wide variety of unwanted and unusual behavior disorders. Many families simply give up on their dogs thinking there is no hope. Shelters are filled with these dogs that could have been helped to change. You haven't given your dog a real chance at success until you've talked with us.

We want to keep your dog with your family and have you reach your full potential together. For ANY behavior disorder of ANY kind, in Monmouth, Ocean, or Middlesex Counties in NJ, contact us today.